Review – World Without Cancer – Chapter 5 – Cancer: The Onrush of Life

Chapter 5 in World Without Cancer by G. Edward Griffin is quite an interesting chapter. If you have carcinoid cancer or neuroendocrine tumors pay special attention because this thesis involves estrogen which is produced by the endocrine system. You’ll see what I mean when you as you read. It seems to pertain to our condition. Mr. Griffin discusses a a theory that is over 100 years old and is still being studied today. I embedded a video for your reference at the bottom of this article. The idea is called the trophoblast theory of cancer. I’m sure my explanation will be greatly oversimplified but I will do my best to explain it.

The Trophoblast Thesis

This theory, first penned by professor James Beard in 1902, says that cancer is similar to certain pre-embryonic in the early stages of pregnancy. These cells are called trophoblasts. What’s even more strange is that the hormone estrogen, which is found in both male and females, is often a catalyst to spur cell growth in the embryo AND cancer cells. If unrestrained and not the result of the reproduction then this increased cell growth can result in cancer. Here’s a quote from a more modern study by Dr. Stewart M. Jones of Palo Alto, California. He sums up the idea quite nicely.

Whenever a trophoblast cell appears in the body outside of pregnancy, the natural forces that control it in a normal pregnancy may be absent and, in this case, it begins uncontrolled proliferation, invasion, extension and metastasis. When this happens it is initiated by an organizer substance, usually estrogen, the presence of which further promotes the trophoblast activity. This is the beginning of cancer.  Page 77 (Quoting from “Nutrition Rudiments in Cancer,” by S.M. Jones, M.S. B.A. Ph.D., M.D, (Palo Alto, California., 1972 p6)

Continuing on page 77 (this time quoting Mr. Griffin)

If it is true that the trophoblast cell is brought into being by a chain reaction which involves estrogen or other steroid hormones, then it would follow logically that an unnaturally high exposure to these substances would be a factor that favored the onset of cancer. And, indeed, this has been proven to be true. Page 77

So, amazingly, it seems that cancer is initiated by estrogen or, as Mr. Griffin says, other steroid hormones….at least according to the trophoblast thesis. In addition, Mr Griffin points out research that trophoblast cells produce a distinct hormone that can be detected in the urine. This is known as the chorionic gonadotrophic hormone (CGH). It can also be called HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotrophic) hormone. He logically concludes that, if cancer is a trophoblast then it should secrete this hormone. (It does.) He then shows how a number of researchers are encouraging patients to take a simple urine test rather than surgical biopsies because of the reduced risk. In addition the test is highly accurate….in the high 90th percentile.

Nature’s Answers

Mr. Griffin continues with how nature handles defending the body from foreign bodies and how that might be applied to fighting cancer. He goes on to point out how our body fights foreign organisms naturally via our immune system…namely our white blood cells. He also notes what researchers have always considered this the number one problem with fighting cancer naturally. This is because our white blood cells do not consider cancer “foreign”. They see cancer as part of the system and therefor they do not attack it. He goes on to point out that the fetus is not attacked for the same reasons.

The reason for this is because the trophoblast cell (assuming cancer is a trophoblast cell like a fetus) has a thin coating of protein that protects it from attack. This coating carries a small negative electrostatic charge. This white blood cells also carry this same charge and they are repelled away from the cancer cells for this reason. The two negative charges repel each other. (You can try this with a magnet.)

The originator of this theory, Professor Beard found that pancreatic enzymes help in the destruction of trophoblasts. The enzymes in particular are trypsin and chymotrypsin and they are inactive until they reach the small intestine and then they become active. These enzymes after being activated and absorbed into the blood stream dissolve the coating that repels the white blood cells leaving it vulnerable to attack by the immune system. Mr. Griffin points out that a number of medical studies have found pancreatic enzymes helpful in fighting cancer.

 A Special Diet

Because certain foods “use up” the pancreatic enzymes for digestion a special diet is recommended that consumes less of these enzymes and frees them to dissolve this layer around the cancer cell. He discusses a similar diet as those using B17 to fight cancer but does not give the actual diet you should follow in this chapter. I am hoping to find more on that in subsequent chapters. That diet used is from a medical study that used a weakened strain of a tuberculosis virus to weaken the cancer cells and allow the immune system to ramp up and attack the cancer. Here’s the diet which is says is similar to the diet recommended for those using B17 to fight cancer. This is a diet that uses less pancreatic enzymes according to Mr. Griffin. It consists of:

  • Low Cholesterol
  • No Refined Sugar
  • No Poultry
  • No Eggs
  • Raw Vegetables and fish
  • Vitamins

Mr. Griffin concludes that he considers the idea that this is just a theory to be the “height of restraint”. He goes on to quote numerous medical studies showing that this “theory” has been proven correct over and over again. It is his conclusion that other medical studies continue because of personal and financial reasons rather than “curative” ones. I honestly cannot say if I agree with him or not because my oncologist has not discussed this in any way shape or form. Also, I am not a doctor so…..I am unaware of any research in this area. My instincts say that he is right though.

Finally, for your reference, I have a video for you regarding some more recent work in this area. Here it is.

I will keep you posted as I read and learn more,
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