Round 2 of Chemotherapy

Well, I made it through round 1 of chemotherapy and, to be honest, it was pretty rough. I am taking Xeloda which is the brand name for Capecitabine. At first I experienced no side effects at all but, after it built up in my system I experienced increasing exhaustion, some nausea and an acid stomach. All of which I have never experienced to such an extreme degree before. Hey, I made it through…so much for round 1. Now, I’m onto round 2 of chemotherapy.

The Capecitabine is actually a fairly interesting drug when you read about it. It actually starts off as one chemical compound and goes through something called an “enzymatic cascade” which means that as it is metabolized it changes into different chemical compounds. The final step is that it turns into 5-FU within the cancer cell itself. I posted more information about it here.

I take the pills for 2 weeks and then I get a break to recuperate for 1 week. I have to be honest, I feel better. I don’t know if you can tell if it’s working from such a short period of treatment but I feel better. So, I’m hoping that my body will adjust to this medicine and that it will be effective. I think that I am scheduled to go for more scans in a week or two. I guess we’ll find out.

Be healthy,

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  1. I like your posative attitude Ed. From all that I’ve read attitude can really effect many things about our bodies. I’ll keep looking at your posts. A great way to share information

  2. Ed,
    Couple more tidbits of info.
    Check into medical marijuana (cannabis/hemp oil). There are some amazing things happening on this front. Check out – this is amazing!!
    Also Rick Simpson’s Run from the Cure video . Hemp Oil is now being sold, both THC and non THC

    Also there is an international organization called Truly Heal that is doing a nationwide tour right now.
    The guy who runs this , Marcus Freundman, did the documentary called “Cancer is Curable now” and is now sharing all his “secrets” of how to heal all stages of cancer in events across the US. It is a must attend set of events for anyone seeking help in this area.
    Marcus is in the know on all the big time winning natural and alternative treatments.
    Marcus also brought to my attention on his web site a plant compound called Salvestrols that apparently is highly efficient and effective at causing major league cancer cell suicide (apoptosis). Very affordable and could be one of those miracle plant compounds like laetrile and the herb, Artemisinin.

    Best Wishes,

    • I actually did look into the cannabis oil and contacted a few places. They actually told me that with some cancers they are absolutely sure that it would work but, after discussing my cancer, carcinoid as you know, they said they weren’t really sure if it would work. Thanks for the tip though!

      It’s actually pretty interesting when you look into it. They actually use certain breeds of cannabis for certain types of cancer. The thing is that my cancer is so rare they really didn’t have any answers. They were so helpful though.

      I am still looking into the B17. After reading more of the book World Without Cancer by G. Edward Griffin I think that this is more likely to help me. I just finished chapter 5 and he was explaining how cancer is similar to the development of a fetus. I am going to post on this soon. He goes on to explain that at the development of many cancers there is a high level of estrogen around the cancer cells which causes the tumor (and fetus) to start growing. Estrogen and testosterone are both part of the endocrine system….and I have….carcinoid cancer which is a subset of neuroendocrine cancer. I think I might be on to something. Maybe. 🙂

      Thanks for all of the info. I really appreciate it!!!!!! I will look into the truly heal website.

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