September Eleventh Every Day And A Half

About 3,000 people died on 9/11. I remember that day well. It was beautiful and I was driving to work. I heard on the radio that a small plane had hit the World Trade Center. I sat down at my desk and began my day. In the back of my head I was wondering what had happened with the plane but I was under pressure from a deadline.

At the time I was a software engineer and I was very focused on getting my project completed. I remember the office began to buzz and there was a bit of noise coming from the kitchen where we had lunch. There was a small television in the kitchen, tables and a few vending machines. Suddenly I noticed that I was alone. Everyone was in the kitchen and the hum and chatter of people was getting louder. So, I got up.

Well, we all know what happened next. It’s a day our country will never forget. The horror and the tragedy is burned into my mind. The funny thing is, I was actually hired to work in the twin towers but turned the job down for a competing offer. On that day 3,000 people died.

September Eleventh Every Day And A Half

We remember that horrible day with memorials all over the country every year. Now, here’s the thing. Did you know that we experience the equivalent of September eleventh every day and a half?

That’s right, on September eleventh approximately 3,000 people died and between 1,500 and 2,000 people die from cancer every day. Here’s an article that’s a bit old that discusses this fact. Read More

That’s right! I was shocked when I thought about this. The thing is…..on 9/11 the horror was televised and happened in one place through an act of violence. Cancer on the other hand happens quietly, in secret without media coverage or televised memorials. No wars ensue, the president does not make grand statements…but families suffer all the same.

Now, this is not meant to generate a feeling of competition between the two events because we all know that tragedy is tragedy and suffering is suffering. You cannot compare who has suffered more, and you would be wrong to even try, but doesn’t it shock you that so many die every day and yet there is no media hype and no presidential speeches?

What Should Be Happening

Yes, I know about the colored ribbons but really look at how each event has been handled and you will see that we need something to rally the nation behind us. Let’s take a look at the last century or so. In about 1 century we have gone from the Kitty Hawk and the birth of flight to the space shuttle, the space station and a nuclear bomb dropped from advanced aircraft. In about 1 century we have gone from the beginnings of the telephone to the internet, smart phones and snapchat. We can communicate anytime we want. In about that same 100 years we have explored almost every inch of the planet and run electricity to the remotest of areas. AND….in this same 100 years the cancer industry has barely changed. We still cut and burn cancer with surgery and chemotherapy and radiation. In fact, more people get cancer and die from it than ever before.

Let’s go back to looking at September 11 and what was done in response. What should be happening is that we should be seeing cancer eradicated. We should be seeing our government legislating and rallying our nation behind the cancer fight. We should be seeing organized, efficient and monetized efforts aimed at killing the enemy, cancer. Like the hunt for Bin Laden , we should be seeing the death of cancer. Like the ground troops in the war after September 11 we should be seeing a plethora of new drugs, early diagnosis of all cancers and new technologies. Where is our cancer czar? Where is our general standing in front of the press showing off the “smart bombs” that were used against cancer tumors. Where are the hoards of “soldiers” fighting for our cause. Where is the glorification of our heroes who fought to save lives? Where is the main stream media to report on every detail of the fight? Where are the embedded journalists reporting on the war front?

Do you think it’s impossible to cure cancer in our modern age? Well, I don’t. I think anything is possible with willpower, money and a systematized approach. I think we have been robbed. I think the cure should already be evident. I think we have given enough money, we have worn enough ribbons and seen enough of our loved ones killed and buried as casualties of this war. Now it’s time for results.

Don’t you think that this should be the very first goal of President Obama’s new health care system? It’s time for a national effort. It’s time for OUR moonshot speech. Come on President Obama, do something. Use all of that money and power and make a difference for us. Let the cure for cancer be part of your legacy as a healthcare reformer.  It’s time for a cure.

Stay strong and keep fighting,
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