Some Great Eating Tips from Beth

Most neuroendocrine / carcinoid cancer patients have issues with digestion in one way or another. I have found that moving toward a more plant based diet has helped me immensely but today I read another great article from Beth’s Adventure with Carcinoid Cancer. She has focused on eating foods with soluble fiber to help her deal with some of these issues. I have never heard of this and I plan on looking into this more. But for now, I will be trying some of the foods Beth has suggested. Here are some great eating tips from Beth:

Some of the foods that work for me are below:

  • eggs (scrambled, soft/hard boiled, omelettes, deviled or egg salad-with light mayonnaise!
  • roasted turkey or grilled/rotisserie chicken
  • any grilled, baked or broiled fish
  • tuna fish sandwiches made with light mayonnaise – sometimes with reduced fat cheese for a tuna melt
  • soups that are not cream based – I try to make my own soups rather than eating canned.
  • creamy peanut butter and jelly/marshmallow fluff/fig butter (pick one) sandwiches
  • crackers with laughing cow light or other low-fat cheese
  • fat free feta cheese in my omelette or on my (small) salad
  • greek yogurt

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Let me know how this works for you. I will keep you posted as I add some of these items into my diet.

Stay Strong,
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  1. Hi Ed don’t know how far you got on this but I do a low fod map diet suggested by a dietician in England and it helps me tremenously. Things like berrys are good and good for cancer as you know. This is the soluble fibre diet. You can read loads about it if you search fodmap edu or dietician. edu gives you university web sites which explain loads about it. They say you have to use a dietitian but I only got one chat and looked in to it my self. I find it great but everyone is different. good luck Christine

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