Spinach and Mushrooms Are My Favorite Anticancer Lunch

Studies have shown that spinach is one of the best anticancer veggies that you can eat. Here’s a link for your reference with more information from the American Institute for Cancer Research. The best part is that you can eat spinach in so many ways it’s mind boggling. And…did you know that mushrooms are an immunity booster?!  Well, they are. This is why spinach and mushrooms are my favorite anticancer lunch! Here’s a quick video about how eating mushrooms can boost your immunity:


Here it is. My favorite single pan anticancer lunch . It’s quick and easy too. It takes less than 5 minutes to make. It’s healthy fast food!


1 Box of Organic Baby Spinach
1 Small Container of button mushrooms
1 Clove of garlic
3 or 4 pats of butter and a drizzle of Olive Oil


Saute your garlic in the olive oil and butter.
Make sure your heat is on medium and add in your mushrooms.
When the mushrooms look almost done (they should be slightly tender) add in your spinach.
Cook on medium heat until the spinach wilts.


I like to add pine nuts for flavor when I have them and if you’re not against dairy try throwing in some parmesan cheese and toss it under the broiler for a few to toast up the cheese ~ yum. If you like a bit of meat a little chicken tastes nice too. Just cut up some precooked chicken tenders and drop them in to the mix in the beginning.

NOTE: If you see too much water in the pan then you are over cooking everything.
You want to keep those juices in the food. That’s it.

Let me know how you like it,
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