This Thanksgiving This Cancer Patient Is Thankful For

I thought that I would take a moment and reflect upon the things that I am truly thankful for.  When you have cancer there are so many negative things that you can focus on that it can consume you if you let it. Our family has really been through the mill. Both my wife and I lost our jobs and were forced to sell our house in New York and in addition I was diagnosed with carcinoid cancer. Also, it seems that carcinoid cancer is not curable and for me it gets worse because my cancer is inoperable and continues to grow despite numerous treatments. So, you could see how we could go negative. That is why I’ve decided to post this. This thanksgiving this cancer patient is thankful for quite a bit.

This Thanksgiving This Cancer Patient Is Thankful For…..

I’m Alive – Yup, I am thankful to be alive. I wake up every single day and thank God that my eyes are open, that I am breathing the fresh air and that I can participate in the day to day things that everyone takes for granted. Yes, some days are harder than others but I’ll take it. I encourage you to take a moment and smell the roses. Yes, I said it and I mean it. 🙂  Go to the mountains, visit the beach, look at the sky, hug a tree, pet a dog…..whatever calms you and speaks to your inner being….take a moment and do that. You won’t regret it.

Family – Of course, our family is wonderful but let me talk about my wife and son. What did I do to deserve this?  I mean this in the best of ways. 🙂  Seriously, how am I so blessed to have a wife and son who love me so much???!!!! Did I do something in a past life?!  I don’t know but I thank God everyday that I have such a supportive and loving wife. She never fails, she never falters, quits or gives up. Every day she demonstrates her love to both myself and my son. I am so blessed.

My son is another story altogether. We both thank God every day that our son is a part of our life. Whenever life is hard our son is full of joy. Sometimes he does something ordinarily wonderful and we never say a word. We just look at each other and smile (maybe chuckle a bit too) at the beautiful child he is. It doesn’t need to be anything special but, believe me, we are blessed.

Friends – So, if that wasn’t enough, I have many loyal friends. I have learned that friends come in many forms when you have cancer. In addition to friends who have always been good friends even before I was diagnosed with cancer I have friends who I have found on line. Now, you might say that those sort of friends are not real friends, but trust me, they are. I have had offers to stay at friends houses while I sought treatment in other states. I have had referrals given to me for medical treatment. Not to mention tons of advice from well meaning people.

Faith – Yes, I am thankful for my faith. Why? Because I find that, aside from giving me purpose, my faith in God gives me a compass to navigate the hazards of life (like cancer). Faith in God also helps to keep me positive when life’s burdens become too heavy. If you KNOW that God loves you then it is hard not to have a positive attitude when you believe that your creator loves you. In the end, we are all in God’s hands. Finally, my faith gives me hope.

Hope – My faith gives me hope that maybe a cure will be discovered that will cure my incurable cancer. Now, I know it’s a long shot but there is one thing that I’ve learned and it’s that you should never give up because things change quickly. I know that might not happen, but because I have faith that God loves me, I can’t help to hope that the best thing possible MIGHT happen. That keeps me going!

So, if you have cancer I hope that I have inspired you in some small way to hang in there. If you don’t have cancer then maybe reading why I am thankful, even though I have cancer, will give you a bit of a lift. In the end, I think we all have something to be thankful. I am especially thankful for my wife’s cooking skills. We have quite a feast planned.  In fact, the veggies above will probably be consumed in one way or another this Thanksgiving along with turkey and pumpkin pie.

Happy Thanksgiving,

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  1. Ok, you managed to make me cry at work. Good job, Bro. (lol) Once again, you’ve quite eloquently stated something we can all take a lesson from. I love you! Happy Thanksgiving!

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