The Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Shocked Me

Well, if you have read my other posts on my experiences with the Cancer Treatment Centers Of America, or CTCA, then you know that I had a very bad experience with them. You can read the first post here and the second post here. Now, just when I thought that this was all behind me I began having more problems from Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Then the Cancer Treatment Centers of America shocked me.

Here’s a quote from my first post to give you an idea of what I experienced.

The good was great! There were people there who couldn’t do enough for you. In general, those people were the regular people. The receptionist, the person handling our travel, the MRI technicians and people like that. How are you feeling? How’s your mood? Are you stressed? Upset? Depressed? Your son is cute. You have a lovely wife. Hang in there. One receptionist took my son for a walk, let him play computer games on her second computer and had candy for him to munch on. This was typical and we all felt cared for.

As you rise through the ranks and people begin to acquire titles, money and career paths the empathy seems to take second place to those things. I was getting interrupted, ignored, talked over, questions went unanswered. I was amazed. My oncologist never even told me where my tumors were growing, shrinking and remaining unchanged. It was disappointing.

I got to meet somebody called my “Nurse Advocate”. She’s was supposed to be on my side. I made the mistake of believing that. She ignored me and focused on my wife. My wife kept trying to redirect her back to me and my issues but my “advocate” was not interested… Read More

And…here’s a bit from my second post on my experiences with the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

As it turns out, she was calling to tell me all of the same things that they had already told me in person in the oncologist’s office. I said, that the oncologist had mentioned that they would contact the surgeon and then get back to me with a plan. The person on the phone was trying to get me to come back to Georgia again to consult with the surgeon!!!  What!???

I explained what the oncologist had told me again. That they would speak to the surgeon, inquire about the nanokinfe and other liver directed therapies and call me with a plan. That got me nowhere. So, I asked to speak to the oncologist…..they weren’t there. I asked when I could call and speak to them. Apparently, that is a task that no mere mortal can accomplish… Read More

So, I’ve had nothing but problems with CTCA and now I have more problems from Cancer Treatment Centers of America. After promising to pay every nickel I have just gotten a bill for $771.49 from them. Now, I am not one to let a bill go unpaid but if you give your word then you should keep it. I don’t care if you’re an multi-million dollar organization or a guy collecting trash. Worse yet, you offer a free service and then charge for it after I have committed myself by accepting the service in good faith. Here is a bit of what they have emailed me.

I just wanted to let you know that the balance of 771.49 is indeed, as xxxx explained to you, being left to your responsibility as your in network co-insurance. That being said, I would love to help you get this adjusted off for Financial Hardship but we do need you to fill out the application and supply the required documents. It is just a one page application and very little we need as required documentation. For your convenience I have attached the application and a list of the supporting docs we need to process the Financial Hardship application.  I will be mailing to you a Pre-paid fedex envelope, so that once you get the application and documentation together you can put everything in the envelope and drop it off in any fedex drop box and it will come back to us at no cost to you. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

OK, what would you do? Here are my thoughts and part of what I intend to email to CTCA. After summarizing my horrible experiences I have concluded my thoughts with…

Now, after this wasted trip to GA, using up all of my wife’s vacation time, being given no new options except to switch to CTCA for my treatment and almost being left curbside at the airport….I AM SUPPOSED TO FILL OUT PAPERWORK THAT WILL SUPPOSEDLY “QUALIFY’ ME FOR FINANCIAL HARDSHIP?! What do I do if you decide that I am not qualified? Am I supposed to take the word of an organization that has broken their word to me on multiple occasions? I expect better treatment.

Please do some additional work, contact the people who were involved in my initial contacts with you and escalate this higher if needed. For now, I will assume that you are going to do your very best for me and have this charge “waived”, “written off” or whatever term needs to be applied rather that having me fill out some application that can be denied at the whim of a person who has never met me.

My worries were this. My bank account fluctuates by thousands as I pay for my PRRT treatments. My wife makes a fair salary for North Carolina but it is eaten up by medical bills and food. Yes! That’s it. We are living pay check to pay check. Now, I have the PRRT treatments that are running about $12,000.00 per visit. I have read from others going to Excel that I should expect to lay out $60,000.00 eventually. I’m not sure how but that is what I am preparing for. We are running up our credit cards just coming and going to and from Texas.

To top it off, we have applied for “financial hardship benefits” many times and have been denied. They said that we make too much money. They look no further than my wife’s salary which is not big at all. They never look at our expenses. They simply deny us based on some government poverty level. So, am I supposed to submit myself to what I assume is a legally binding application process for “financial hardship” from CTCA and risk being denied or being asked to make payments which we cannot pay?

Sleep is no longer an option. I’m up at night worried about this. How is it that they can portray themselves as solutions to problems but only be the cause of more problems for me?

The Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Shocked Me

So, I sent my email. I fully expected to be told that I would either need to fill out paper work or pay up but that’s not what happened. They wrote a rather lengthy email explaining that I was wrong about everything. To tell you the truth, I told my wife to stop reading it. I was getting so upset. “Then she yells, “NO WAIT! Let me read the last line!!!!” Here it is. Be prepared to be shocked!

Due to this misunderstanding, our administration has agreed to adjust off your account balance of $771.49. Leaving you(r) balance as zero.

Yes, today the Cancer Treatment Centers of America shocked me. Yes, I had some trouble and no, they did not do what they promised and overall, we had a bad experience but I am truly impressed with this decision. I must say that my opinion of them has gone up a few notches. Are you as surprised as I am?

(No Longer) Sleepless in Seattle North Carolina,
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  1. Good news is good news. I’m sure CTCA realizes it is in their best interest to soothe such a vocal and persistent protestor. And really, $800 is a pittance when you look at the total tab for even a mid-range cancer. Yay to you, Ed, for your outspokeness and your commitment to fair treatment. And YAY to CTCA for doing the right thing. Sometimes things work out. It’s good to be reminded of this fact.

  2. Sheesh! Finally they did something the RIGHT way! I’m really glad to hear the outcome. I’ll be honest, I didn’t see that happening either with the history. Good news!

    • I have never had any company waive a fee….even for $20.00
      It makes me think that they might actually have people at the top who may care enough to put that into their policies.

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