The Winter Came Early For Me

The Winter Came Early For Me
By Edward J. Kaull

The Winter Came Early For Me

With blistering winds and ice on windows
Blankets of snow smothering green grass into brown
Bony fingers where leaves used to shine like colored glass
The winter came early for me.

But, I remember Spring
Tender shoots of life spreading on the soft brown earth
Flowers spinning and toiling to face the sun
My breath unbounded
My energy never ending
My legs made to run
The chilly night cannot catch me

And Summer days holding friendly smiles and games of tag
Our laughter floats on warm breezes like dandelion seeds
and on our backs
Arranged haphazardly on the thick, green lawns
We stare at our dreams
Above our heads
Sailing on Clouds
We doze in the warmth of summer
Nothing touches us

Autumn comes
Coats come out of closets for us to wear
Leaves change and fall in death spirals to the hardened ground
Gangs of children disperse at dusk
Butterflies are gone
Alone we prepare for winter
Alone we prepare for the coming cold

But the Winter came early for me.
I have had no time to prepare
I have no sweater or coat
I am unprotected against winter’s cold blades
I see spring in my son
Autumn in my wife
Winter in older friends and family

I am not ready for winter
I will not submit to her ice, her cold and her pain
I will hold out here in this barren land
I will find shelter and wait for others
Others are coming for me
I will not lie down and sleep

ย Others will come to be with me.
I will turn my back on the cold wind
I will secure my fate and carry on determined
My faith is strong.

Be Strong,
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