Time to Reboot My Cancer Fight

It’s been a hectic couple of months. We’ve moved, switched states, had family over and my son has been home for the entire summer vacation! So, my diet has been made up of fast food, meat and I haven’t even found my juicer yet!  Man, life sure has a lot of twists and turns. I’ve been off my chemo because I had a bad reaction to it and them my oncologist was away for a month.

It’s Time to Reboot

It sure feels like quite a bit of work to start over. I’ve forgotten most of the recipes and juice recipes. Shopping is much more of an effort and not so automatic anymore. What to do?  What to do?  Well, I guess one step at a time will work and lucky for me I have a blog with a list of recipes on it. I feel like a newbie.

 Here’s My Reboot Plan

Juice – Now, this sounds easy but, because of our move, my juicer is packed away and there’s no room in the kitchen to juice. So, I’ve decided to create a juicing station outside. I have a light folding table that I can unfold and set up on the edge of the yard. I’ll put my juicer on it, run an extension cord and let the fiber from the juice become part of my garden’s compost. Clean up is as close as my garden hose.

Go Veg – Yes, I’m going vegetarian again. Well, as much as I can considering the circumstances. I’m going to start with dinner because the most vegetarian recipes seem to be lunches or dinners.

Lose the Fat – Yup, I need to get the fat out! 🙂  It seems that not only does extra weight cause you to be unhealthy in other ways but it also makes fighting cancer harder. I put a lot of weight back on because of our chaotic lives in the past few months BUT I plan to lose the pounds again.

Find A Carcinoid Specialist – As you know, if you have been reading this blog, the chemo hasn’t really been working and my oncologist seems to be running out of ideas. So, I’m researching and looking for new options.

Don’t give up,
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