Which is the Healthier Choice Juicer or Blender

I’m constantly reading other blogs in an effort to educate myself and I’ve noticed that a common question is why juice and why not use a blender? The typical remark is why not use a blender to keep all of the fiber which, they say, is much healthier. So, to boil it down the question is which is the healthier choice juicer or blender? I will no longer duck the issue. – Sorry, I just need a reason to use this cute picture. 🙂 The answer is actually really simple. The answer is that is that it depends what you are trying to accomplish. Let’s break it down.

What’s the Difference?

I’ve realized that most people don’t know the difference between juicing and “blending” smoothies. To say it as simply as possible, juicing removes all of the fiber from the fruit or vegetable leaving only the liquid nutrients and none of the fiber. Now, a smoothie is a completely different animal. A smoothie is all about keeping all of the fiber in the drink. Dieters love this because it fills them up. Which is the exact reason juicers remove the fiber. Confused? I hope not.  🙂

Juice for Maximum Nutrients Instantly

So, why would you lose the fiber??? I thought fiber was good for you. Well, it is but, it’s filling. So, if you’re looking to boost the number of servings of fruits and veggies up to around 10 or more a day then juicing is the easiest way to do it.  I try to drink a few glasses of juice every day along with a veggie based diet.

When you consider trying to eat the amount of fruit and veggies that you would have to eat to get the same nutrients as a serving of juice then you might understand why people choose to juice for health. For example, take a look at this juice recipes here. Just imagine eating all those veggies. It would be quite a feat. So, juicing is designed to pack in the greatest amount of nutrients possible in the least filling way possible.

Finally, when you drink juice, you absorb the nutrients almost instantly because they are actually absorbed right through the cellular membranes in your mouth and as you digest. Whereas nutrients still bound with fiber must be digested. Basically, juice is pre-chewed and ready to be absorbed directly.

Blend to get the Whole Food

But what about the fiber!? I agree. Remember, you can still get fiber in your diet anytime you want. This is not a ban on fiber. There’s a place and time for eating whole foods and blending up great tasting and healthy smoothies. I think everybody has their favorite “green drink” at this point.

Here’s what you need to know. There are things that you cannot get when you juice such as fiber and the benefits of certain fruits and veggies. For example, the “green smoothie” everyone talks about usually has some sort of leafy green in it. Stuff like spinach or kale or even certain types of lettuce are put into these drinks. If you were to try to juice a spinach leaf you might get a drop if you were lucky. It’s not economical and usually not too productive. So, you pop it into your blender as part of your “green drink” and you’re getting raw, super healthy spinach into your diet AND….you’re probably not tasting it. Here’s a quick video that might explain it better than I did. Take a look.


Design Your Own Menu

Here’s the great thing about being open minded. You do a bit of research on the web, watch some videos, consult physicians and dieticians and speak with friends and then….you make your own decision. YOU decide if you will drink 3 glasses of juice and 1 smoothie a day or a week or every other day. YOU decide.

Here’s my anticancer “strategy”: (I usually stick to it)  🙂

  • I eat a grain based breakfast with maybe some fruit or nuts
  • I eat veggies for lunch (usually raw)
  • I eat veggies for dinner (not always raw)
  • I supplement this menu with juices.
  • I have cut down on processed foods to almost nothing
  • I try to eat organic whenever possible.
  • I drink filtered water rather than water straight from the tap or bottled.

My goal is to get my servings of veggies up to around 10 if I can. My goal is also to detox my system and build up my immune system with nutrients. I have picked ingredients for those juices that support my goals. You can see my master list of cancer fighting veggies here. My point is, try to find out what helps you the most and consume that in a way that is most beneficial to you and most tolerable. If you need more fiber….then go for it. Less? Then juice away! It’s better than fast food, right?

To your health,

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  1. seems that fiber in the body also serve to absorb toxin that were filtered out by the liver, eg pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, ammonia and chemicals, and dumps these toxins into the upper GI tract as part of a bile mixture used for digestion. Food fibers capture those toxins, trap them and transporting them out of the body through bowel movements

    This help reduces absorption or “re-poisoned” with the same exact toxins the liver had just pulled out of the blood.

    Therefore maybe more fiber is better?

    Reference : http://www.naturalnews.com/044788_detox_myths_feeling_sick_healing_crisis.html by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, Editor of NaturalNews.com

    • Personally, I think there is a need for both. The thing with juicing is that it gives you a way to add massive amounts of nutrients to your body without filling up. Appreciate the info on the fiber though. 🙂 I will read more about it.

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