Will You Spot The Zebra At Your Door

Halloween is here and children are scurrying from door to door in costume harvesting the fall crop of candy. 🙂 This made me think about the whole costume and children in disguise thing and how carcinoid cancer is disguised as a Zebra. Often, carcinoid and neuroendocrine cancer can be right in front of you and can go completely undiagnosed. Will you spot the zebra at your door?

Will You Spot The Zebra At Your Door

If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you might be interested to know that the commonly accepted symbol for carcinoid cancer and neuroendocrine cancer is the zebra and the zebra stripes. The reason for this is that carcinoid cancer is so often misdiagnosed or completely missed altogether because nobody is looking for it. As the saying goes, the doctor hears hoof beats and starts looking for a horse but carcinoid cancer is a “zebra” and goes unnoticed. As October comes to a close we should all be aware that November 10th is Carcinoid Cancer and Neuroendocrine Cancer Awareness Day. So,  if you see somebody wearing zebra stripes for Halloween will you spot the zebra at your door? Well, maybe it’s just a zebra costume but then again maybe they are wearing stripes because they are supporting the cause of carcinoid awareness or…..they might just dress flashy.  🙂 Will you spot the zebra at your door!!!??? I’m starting to feel like Doctor Seuss 😀

What Can We Do

We can do quite a lot. If you read a blog about carcinoid cancer  then leave a comment or bookmark them. You can also link to them if you read a blog post that you particularly like.  You can wear something with zebra stripes or a zebra and educate others. You can donate or just put a “badge” on your website or embed that badge in your emails that raises awareness. As for me, I have this blog and I’ve decided to create a badge that you can link back here if you like. Here’s the badge and thanks for reading.


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