You Cannot Pour From An Empty Cup But

Sometimes the people who are charged with caring for us do the most damage. Sometimes it is doctors, friends, family but as cancer patients we need to take care of ourselves and focus on our fight.

I didn’t write a “real” post about this but, I might soon and probably should. Until then, I lift my teacup to all those out there fighting cancer and dealing with the those who knock over your teacup, sip theirs and then act like you’re the crazy one! 🙂


Also, I created another meme along the same lines. Many cancer patients are strong and this leads some to think we are always strong, never down or depressed. Sadly, it’s because of this strength that some feel that they can say or do anything. What they forget is that a large part of our daily battle is invisible to them. They are not physically there when we cannot function, are in pain or simply need a comforting touch or word. So our suffering is often beyond their comprehension or dismissed…and sadly is sometimes used as an excuse by others to behave poorly to you.  Well, you are not alone. We stand together, we fight together and we hope together.


To my fellow tea drinkers….you are not alone,
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  1. So well said and so so valid! Often their actions are unintentional, but their thoughtless behavior does harm nevertheless. I would love to read a blog about this from you.

    • Thank you so much. It’s really true and sometimes not so unintentional but we have to try to gather our strength and move on. I have been flirting with writing a blog with this theme. 🙂

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